Our Mission

We provide enabling PLATFORMS, PROGRAMMES and SPACES in Diepsloot that connect our participants to opportunities to generate sustainable incomes, which result in ENHANCED LIVELIHOODS

We manage a number of programmes based on expressed community needs established during stakeholder engagement and consultation. The key focus is on developing women and youth, nurturing education and cultivating a spirit of entrepreneurship, to ensure the creation of sustainable opportunities. We are considered a leader in the fields of transformation, social innovation and community development, and our mission is to create self-sustaining initiatives based on innovative models that are replicable, scalable and measurable.



The Wot-if? Trust operates primarily in Diepsloot, initiating and managing skills, socio-economic, enterprise and supplier development programmes. The Trust is a special purpose vehicle for channelling BEE Funds and guaranteeing points on the BEE Scorecard for contributions by corporates. The Trust also receives funds from international donors and has built up a reputation in 3 years, of implementing programmes that deliver results. All initiatives are compliant and sustainable and contribute to the overall economic growth and empowerment of Diepsloot, township businesses and the greater community.