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In order to address the legacy of apartheid and promote the economic participation of previously disadvantaged people in the economy, South Africa has a piece of legislation called the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BEE or B-BBEE) Act. Implementation is guided by a framework called the Codes of Good Practice, which define how companies can gain BEE Points on  the BEE Scorecard. A good score makes your organisation attractive to procure from and will allow your customers to claim BEE Points on their scorecard. A healthy score also shows your  intent, as an organisation, to participate in real transformation in South Africa.

There are 5 pillars from which you can get BEE or B-BBEE Points

  • Ownership – this measures the percentage of shares in the business that are owned by black people
  • Management Control – the directors, top management and the employees in the business
  • Skills development – this measures the amount of money spent of training of black employees
  • Enterprise and Supplier development – Procurement (your suppliers and their scores) and Development – your spend on helping other black owned enterprises grow, both suppliers to you and non-suppliers.
  • Socio-Economic Development – your contribution to charitable organisations or social enterprises

The Wot-if? Trust runs programmes and initiatives that comply with the B-BBEE Act and the Codes of Good Practice and ensure BEE points in the areas of Socio-Economic, Enterprise and   Supplier Development. We ensure that all activities meet our mandate, which is to provide programmes and resources that connect our participants to opportunities to earn sustainable incomes. This results in donors who are not only in it for BEE points but who can witness the difference that their contributions make.

In certain industries, where transformation needs to be accelerated, Sector Charters have been developed. One example is the ICT Charter which has very specific requirements for gaining BEE points for Socio-Economic, Enterprise and Supplier Development. Companies who fall into the ICT sector would need to contribute to programmes that benefit black people and black-owned enterprises in the ICT Value Chain. The MAC Charter addresses how companies who fall within Media, Advertising and Communication would get BEE points. Wot-if runs a Tech and Creative Programme at the eHUB in Diepsloot that offers companies in these sectors long-term and sustainable initiatives that will give them BEE points and ensure real and meaningful transformation that results in enhanced livelihoods.