Launching Nelson Mandela Day Beyond 2017

IMG_8861The Nelson Mandela Foundation is now calling for #ActionAgainstPoverty! Beyond #MandelaDay is the potential to change every day in an impactful way. Positively, of course, the Nelson Mandela Foundation has developed a more tangible direction for people’s contributions towards their global mandate. Their strategic shift is commendable as it relies on strengthening bonds with other civil society organisations. Networked communication.


To play the role of facilitator, the Nelson Mandela Foundation is using its strong identity to have influence and impact. On Wednesday, 10 May 2017, 23 years after South Africa democratically elected its first president; the Nelson Mandela Foundation honoured their namesake by presenting their strategic shift in approach to #MandelaDay! Asking for all stakeholders and supporters of #MandelaDay to focus their energy and efforts on taking #ActionAgainstPoverty.


Using “Big Data” the Nelson Mandela Foundation is amplifying its offerings to suit the needs of their global audience. Take into account the 1.7 million people who collectively visited and between April 2016 and April 2017 that greatly contributed to the few, added features on the revised #MandelaDay website. Exciting touch points of enablement include the “Resources” tab that allows users to navigate and download content such as illustrated Nelson Mandela quotes, educational videos, the logo’s and usage guideline for respective #MandelaDay events etc.



It should come as no surprise that The Wot-If? Trust was one of twenty-five likeminded organisations that exhibited their successful #MandelaDay efforts on 10 May 2017. Since 2014 the 18th of July have kicked-off The Wot-If? Trust’s #67Days of #DigitalActivism! Initiating technology skills development and access to technological resources to the greater community of Diepsloot. This year is no different, as we will have coding, design, robotics and other opportunities to better equip participants given free access into all our programmes.


As an organisation that prides itself on upholding the ethical values of leaders such as Nelson Mandela, we, find pride and joy in Nelson Mandela Foundation’s collective efforts in collaborating. To form part of a global community, that has always existed with the hopes of great expansion, against inhumanity. To use #MandelaDay as a catalyst for #ActionAgainstPoverty and positive change!
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