Diepsloot Youth take over MediaTech Africa 2017

MediaTech Africa is a biennial media and entertainment Technology trade show held in Johannesburg South Africa. MediaTech Africa is a highlight event in the international exhibition calendar and gives a platform to showcase and purchase the latest in Technology. This year, the event took place from 19 – 21 July 2017 inside The TicketPro Dome and we made our way there with seven participants already within this value chain.

DSC_0496The exhibition consisted of a multitude of avenues to tap into within the media, entertainment and technology sectors. Everything from advanced imagery, lighting, sound, video and VR equipment, techniques and master classes was provided. Collaborating live performance with 3D animation and virtual reality were the highlight of the show (for us anyway). The trip to MediaTech Africa 2017 was one that allowed for many learning and networking opportunities.




The Dome Johannesburg was fully packed with Technology enthusiasts and the youth of Diepsloot were not shy to express their joy when going to each and every exhibition stand. It felt like as though we were kids in a candy store, with all goodies we’d only imagined. DSC_0572 While checking out all the exhibitions and presentations one could see the excitement and curiosity on participants’ faces. Itumeleng Moeng one of the young people that took part said that his overall experience was informative, he liked the fact that he had an interactive part with the sound equipment as he is part of an online radio station, Diepsloot Radio. He was amazed by all the equipment and how much sound technology has evolved in such a short time space. As much as he enjoyed his experience in the sound section he also had other media technology experiences, to see how media sectors are interlinked and work together to produce great exciting sound, visuals and content. “I am motivated and inspired to use all the knowledge gained at the show and will surely use it to enhance my radio presenting career”


DSC_0571Sphamandla Ndlovu also had something to say “ I got to learn how technology has an influence on sound, also was overwhelmed with the Dj equipment, it tested my Djaying skills and also how you can manipulate sound while playing a live instrument in real time. The light and sound collaboration was one of my highlights. The experience validated my love for the media industry and how massive the industry is. Being at MediaTech Africa 2017 exposed me to information such as institutions that provide life insurance to film crew… Had I not being there I would have never known of such”

The youth of Diepsloot who took part in this excursion are grateful to The Wot-if? Trust who funded the trip and to MediaTech Africa 2017 for putting together such an insightful and jam-packed programme. A new meaning to the power and usage of media, entertainment and technology has been provided to the few of us Diepsloot youth members that attended.


This article and images are courtesy of Duke Machitele who is the Founder and MD of Exposure Time Photography 

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