Leap Day for Frogs in Diepsloot 2018

As part of our “Greening and Conservation” focus area, The Wot-If? Trust once again collaborated with Roots and Shoots South Africa to provide 250 children with an educative experience about frogs!

IMG_2805Leap Day for Frogs is part of the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s initiative to create awareness about the importance of frogs. It is the first time Roots and Shoots is supporting the EWT event held on the last day of February. This event also doubled up as Roots and Shoots SA and Wot-If? Trust’s annual International Save the Frog Day event (celebrated on last Saturday of April). Read our blog post from last years’ Save the Frog Day here!

This year, the event was held on The Wot-If? Trust premises in Extension 10 of Diepsloot and as usual, can go down in our books as a success. Grade 5 learners from Diepsloot No. 4 School joined our celebrations, as well as our usual Roots and Shoots participants. Following registration, an animal demonstration was the highlight of the day! Not only were the 250 children in attendance in awe of the owl, parrot, snake and bullfrog which were introduced to us but, so were the adult bystanders who use The Wot-If? Trust facilities fulfilling our four other focus areas: Business Support, Youth Development, Technology and Women’s Empowerment. We all learned something new about why we need to respect frogs within our ecosystem.


The success of this event may not have been possible without our Diepsloot custodian for frogs, Lydia Lebenya, who has always taught young children to respect the Bullfrog endemic to Diepsloot’s river. It was Lydia Lebenya’s love for frogs which was instrumental in establishing the first International Save the Frog Day event hosted by The Wot-If? Trust in 2015. Fast forward, a few years and a majority of Roots and Shoots participants are considered ambassadors for frogs and cleaning the environments, they live in.

Theses 250 children broke off into smaller groups to have an information session and leapfrog competition before grabbing goodie bags and heading home during this annual event.

We look forward to hosting this event with another 250+ children in 2019! Here is the full photo album on our FB page. You could contribute to our planning and fundraising phase by emailing education@janegoodall.co.za with our suggestions.



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