Growth for Alvada Creations after Torino Fashion Week

Getting invited to show at an international fashion week is a big deal for any designer. Behind the glamour of the spotlights, what does this opportunity mean for a young fashion brand?

“Walking the ramp in the fashion capital gave us a taste of success. It means we are closer to the dream of taking our brand International” says business manager, Thabang. In the 6 months since the show, their direct sales have grown by 33% and sales with their retailer, Urban Zulu, have increased by 40%.

Salva and Thabang (Alvada’s co-owners) are investing the additional revenue back into the business, with prospects to open a shop at 27 Boxes in the Johannesburg suburb of Melville.

The opportunity to go to Turin came via the Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA), where Salva participated in a mentorship programme. The Wot-If? Trust assisted with buying fabric to make the garments and business skills development. Thabang has also found value in the business admin and marketing workshops offered by Wot-If?

“We’ve come a long way and organisations like Wot-If? have played a big role in our success” says designer, Salva. “We’re really excited about our future. We’re looking forward to going back to Turin in 2019.”

Thabang and Salva have been running Alvada Creations for 5 years. Their shop and studio are currently located in Diepsloot Extension 2. Alvada employs 2 additional people.

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