Covid in the Kasi – Growing Spinach to Boost the Immune System

Who knew that there were so many vitamins and minerals contained in a 100g serving of spinach!? Imagine having such a nutrient bomb as a side dish to boost one’s immune system… As Hippocrates said, “let thy food be thy medicine”

“In Diepsloot, we are fortunate to have fertile soil. The soil in Ext 12 and 13 is very rich because it was once a farm”, says Solly who has worked for many years in agriculture. He tells me stories about how wild strawberries once used to grow in every direction… How a dam overflowed with trout… How crime was just a word.

I can’t even imagine Diepsloot looking so lush and green and safe… the same Diepsloot that, from a bird’s eye view, looks like a wasteland for car scraps.

New growth of spinach peeks through the soil in Solly’s kasi garden. As I stood there, admiring the fruits of his labour, it occurred to me that a lot of hunger could have been avoided during the Covid-19 lockdown if everyone grew their own food… imagine how different Diepsloot would look then!

There is not a lot of space in the kasi for gardens, but a lot can be grown in a small space if one is determined. In the limited space he has, Solly has chosen to grow spinach, not just because it’s nutrient-rich, but also because it grows quickly and can be used in many different dishes.

Bra Solly reminds me of Popeye the sailor man and his insatiable desire for spinach…
I think I might try planting some too when I get home.


By Lawrence Matshidiso 
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