Corporate social investment in Johannesburg, South Africa

Corporate Social Investment in Johannesburg,  South Africa

Corporate Social Investment in Johannesburg, South Africa is often defined as a way of demonstrating corporate social responsibility and engaging in activities that improve the social, environmental and economic well-being of a community. Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is about doing good in a meaningful way. It’s about being a good corporate citizen and demonstrating social responsibility – caring about issues that matter and supporting efforts that solve problems and challenges in society.

A impactful CSI project should speak to the values of your organisation and should make a positive contribution to your brand. CSI is not about putting plasters on gaping wounds – your efforts need to achieve real change and you should partner with organisations who understand how to make this a reality.


How does Corporate Social Investment (CSI) benefit my organisation?

CSI can give meaning and purpose to your organisation by being associated with something that is making a real impact where it matters. A good CSI strategy can have a positive impact on your brand and perceptions about your organisation and its products and services.


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Technology and economic inclusion for strong communities

In a country with such deep socio-economic inequality, there is no question that economic inclusion is the key to social justice. All our interventions are geared toward connecting the community we serve to opportunities to earn sustainable incomes and create an environment they can be proud to call home.

We work in the community of Diepsloot, a township in Johannesburg characterised by high unemployment and low social well-being. We aim to connect local entrepreneurs to opportunities to earn sustainable incomes by providing them with the resources, training and access to markets they need to grow their businesses. By placing special emphasis on the upliftment of youth, women and people with disabilities, we ensure that no one gets excluded. We also understand that a clean, green environment is essential for well-being, which is why we run greening programmes and upcycling initiatives.

Like many townships, lack of access to technology is a glaring problem in Diepsloot, exacerbating already deep inequality. This is why many of our interventions are focused on technological training. Our eHUB, built by Ericsson, serves as a township tech hub where we have run a variety of tech programmes for both adults and children. It also contains the CoCre8 Content Lab where creative entrepreneurs can access high-speed computers and Creative Cloud software.


Invest your CSI Funds with us for measurable impact

Partnering with us to invest in community development helps you to fulfil your role as a good corporate citizen and achieve visible and meaningful impact. We help you to align your CSI initiatives with your organisation’s strategic intent and ensure that they achieve maximum impact. At the start, we discuss the outcomes that will give you metrics to show the impact your contribution is making and we provide regular feedback on progress and results. This keeps you connected to the initiatives you are investing in and allows you to promote them as part of your organisational and brand strategy.

Our CSI partners include…
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