Supporting Food Relief in Diepsloot During the Lockdown & Beyond

The Covid-19 pandemic lockdown has posed many challenges to South Africans, and those with already precarious livelihoods, like the residents of Diepsloot and other townships, are the worst affected. We are working on a number of initiatives to provide some relief to the Diepsloot community. The most urgent need right now is food security. Nutriwell is a product we’ve identified as appropriate as it is fortified and non-perishable.

With the help of the public, neighbours of Diepsloot and corporate donors, we have been able to supply 400 boxes of Nutriwell to members of the Diepsloot community and aim to grow this to 1000 boxes by the end of the 21 day lockdown. Each box can feed an individual for a month, taking pressure off of cash flow and enabling improved social distancing because people can limit the amount of time they spend in crowded shops.

We are also accepting donations toward soap and masks that we will distribute to families in need, as well as data so that our participants can remain connected to us and run their businesses from home. 

Covid 19 response collecting donations for Nutriwell, soap, data, dog food and masks

R250 = one box of Nutriwell

South African Donors

Please Transfer via EFT to:

The Wot-If? Trust

First National Bank

Account number: 62413299034

International Donors

Can donate via



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