About Us


We build long-term relationships with our funders to ensure they are able to see the measured results of their investment.

The Wot-if? Trust is a registered, special purpose vehicle for channeling funds that corporates need to spend to get B-BBEE points on the scorecard. We also receive funds from international organisations who recognize & invest into the impact of the work we are doing.

We manage and initiate a number of programmes and projects based on expressed community needs. These are established during stakeholder engagements and direct consultations. We focus on CSI, Socio-Economic, Enterprise and Supplier Development programmes in Diepsloot. This includes projects that empower women, develop the youth and ensure that emerging and small enterprises grow and become sustainable.

We are considered a leader in the fields of transformation, social innovation and community development, and our mission is to create self-sustaining initiatives and businesses based on innovative models that are replicable, scalable and measurable.

We operate from the Father Louis Blondel Centre. The center offers a Collaborative Open Working place for Entrepreneurs and is considered an inviting space for the Community and the Programmes we run or host which include:


  • Facilitate and initiate programmes that empower the youth and women
  • Bring Better Technology to the Diepsloot Community for Disruption
  • Develop Small Businesses (Emerging and Micro Enterprise)
  • Offer Hot Desk Space and Business Support to those based in Diepsloot


  • Meeting Spaces
  • Photocopying and Printing Facilities
  • Internet Access
  • A Business Book Library
  • Refreshments
  • Business Coaching and Mentoring
  • Access to Work and Cultural experiences/exchanges
  • Business Shared Services

why us?

We manage a number of programmes based on expressed community needs established during stakeholder engagement and consultation. The key focus is on developing women and youth, nurturing education and cultivating a spirit of entrepreneurship, to ensure the creation of sustainable opportunities.


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