The community development work we do is based on extensive consultation with community stakeholders. We’ve identified 6 key focus areas, all of which are closely interwoven. In all we do, we strive to support women and youth by offering additional support where needed. Over 60% of our entrepreneurs fall in to the youth category, being under 35.


Small Business Development

Wot-if… We could strengthen the township economy by empowering community members and supporting emerging and small enterprises?

Enabling sustainable incomes is at the core of everything we do. We support local entrepreneurs by providing a co-working Space, business resources, training and coaching.

Tech & Creative

Tech & Creative

Wot-if… We could bridge the digital divide and grow the creative economy?
The creative and ICT sectors are among those that have been identified as in particular need of development in South Africa. We are compliant with the ICT Charter and aim to bridge the digital divide for those in underserved communities by providing resources and training for our participants. We also run a number of training programmes focused on helping entrepreneurs in creative fields develop their skills and get access to market.

Handcraft & Production

Handcraft & Production

Wot-if… We support unemployed women by buying local, handmade products?
We empower unemployed women by creating opportunities for them to generate sustainable incomes through handcraft & production projects.

Greening Diepsloot, CSI projects South Africa

Greening & Sustainability

Wot-if… We could create green, beautiful spaces amidst the chaos of a township?
It has been proven that green spaces improve wellbeing. We have made it a priority to educate our participants on the importance of conserving natural resources, and regularly host events and campaigns to cultivate an ecological mindset.


Diepsloot 2030 “Together For a Brighter Future”

Wot-if… We all work together toward a common vision of a better community?
The hashtag “Diepsloot 2030” represents a vision of Diepsloot agreed on by community stakeholders. Stakeholder collaboration and community cohesion are central to achieving this goal. We show our commitent by supporting community events and assist in the case of calamities.

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Educational Support

Wot-if… We ensure that the youth can dream about a brighter and viable future?
We fill in the gaps overlooked by conventional bursaries by funding transport, books and living expenses to ensure that young people get the most out of their opportunities.

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