Socio-Economic Development in South Africa

Socio-Economic Development in South Africa


Socio-Economic Development (SED) in South Africa, as defined in the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, is about economic upliftment and access to sustainable economic activity.

In line with the requirements, more than 75% of our beneficiaries are black South African citizens. We are also compliant with various industry charters, specifically the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) charter and Media, Advertising and Communications (MAC) charter because of our programmes focused on the tech and creative industries.

Eco Trading Store SED programme
SED Disaster support
SED crafting programme for unemployed women

SED programmes that achieve meaningful impact in South Africa

We partner with donors who want to create meaningful impact. We develop, manage and run (SED) initiatives in Diepsloot, a township in Johannesburg, that are based on identified community needs. Our SED initiatives empower our participants – youth, women and other members of the Diepsloot community and earn you points on your SED scorecard. Some of our current SED programmes include:

  • a crafting programme for unemployed women
  • an Eco-Trading Store, where participants are able to exchange eco-bricks for goods
  • educational support in the tech and creative space
  • helping people rebuild lives after disasters like shack fires

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