Covid in the Kasi – Behind the Scenes: Duke Kgomotso

At the beginning of the lockdown, we launched the Covid in the Kasi social media campaign. The campaign’s aim is to show what the lockdown means for Diepsloot residents and how they are coping during these challenging and unprecedented times. We recruited a group of Diepsloot creatives (Wot-If? participants) to be our citizen journalists, bringing us authentic stories of the struggles and triumphs of the people around them. Now, we turn the cameras onto them to tell you the stories of the people working behind the scenes of #CovidintheKasi.

Duke Kgomotso is a photographer, operating his business under the brand Exposure Time Media.

How has the lockdown affected your business?

Due to the lockdown, Exposure Time Media has not had any bookings for our services. The company has seen a loss in income as most of our revenue comes from events.

What work are you doing at the moment?

At the moment, I am working on the Covid in the Kasi campaign which tells stories about the pandemic from a kasi perspective. This includes taking images and writing stories that are broadcast on social media platforms. I am also involved with a few peers in the #Iamessential campaign that allows people to speak out about themselves personally and professionally – how they see themselves as being essential to their families, peers, and humanity overall. I am writing and taking images that depict life during the pandemic.

What has been the biggest challenge you faced with running your business?

The biggest challenge has been acquiring clients during this time and also facing the possibility of the business not running after this has all gone. the effect on the economy would make it harder for small business. It has also been hard to try and remodel the business so it can adapt to the drastic changes.

How has not having access to FLBC and eHUB impacted your business?

With the free uncapped wifi not being available it is costly to run a digital business without data. Data is expensive. with full access to wifi at Flbc it is easier and much more convenient to run a digital business.

How has the lockdown impacted you personally?

The lockdown has impacted me positively, personally, as it has given me an opportunity to rediscover myself as an artist and given me time to explore different  aspects of creativity. Furthermore, it has shown me that as an entrepreneur you need to be ready for disasters and plan ahead.

What has working on the Covid in the Kasi project meant for you?

Working on the project for me has meant team work and collaborating with people who have different ideas and  skills . Sometimes it has meant stress and always hard work. I have been first in line to see the effects of the pandemic in the kasi and hear stories from different people, which I attempt to tell as authentically possible.

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