Covid in the Kasi – Behind the Scenes: Kemisetso Mkhululi

At the beginning of the lockdown, we launched the Covid in the Kasi social media campaign. The campaign’s aim is to show what the lockdown means for Diepsloot residents and how they are coping during these challenging and unprecedented times. We recruited a group of Diepsloot creatives (Wot-If? participants) to be our citizen journalists, bringing us authentic stories of the struggles and triumphs of the people around them. Now, we turn the cameras onto them to tell you the stories of the people working behind the scenes of #CovidintheKasi.

Kemisetso Mkhululi runs a multimedia company called Vsnry Group Consulting.

How has lockdown affected your business ? 
Places where we network with clients are not operating at the moment. This includes places where we get business development support and meet with other creatives to find out what projects we can be involved in.

What work are you doing at the moment?  
In addition to the Covid in the Kasi campaign, I am working on the #IamEssential2 social media campaign and branding for clients who are using this period to better position their businesses in their industry after the lockdown. I am also collaborating on creating a platform called Diepsloot Explora.

How has not having access to FLBC and eHUB impacted your business? 
We used the FLBC as a place for many of our meetings, networking sessions and business development. These are some of the most essential ways in which we develop the business and at the moment we are not able to do that.

What has working on the Covid in the Kasi project meant for you?
I would like to believe that it keeps those following our social media informed about how others see the impact of Covid in the Kasi (Diepsloot). I am also learning a lot about working in real time, quick planning and designing.

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