Locked Down With No Electricity


Diepsloot Extension 3 residents have been locked down with no electricity for over 2 weeks. Observing lockdown in the township is challenging enough under normal circumstances. Not having electricity makes it even harder.

“I’ve been working from home and the whole electricity issue makes life very difficult. I have to walk to another station to charge my equipment in order to complete my work. It’s been 15 days and no action has been taken”, says one disgruntled resident.

It is also a huge challenge for students who are studying online. This issue is not unique to Diepsloot as a number of townships around the country have found themselves in the same situation.

According to Eskom, the power cuts are the result of illegal electricity connections in the area. There is a failed mini sub that will only be replaced once 90% of the residents have paid their fines or entered into an agreement to pay”, said an Eskom official. “We advise stand owners to send their details to the ward councillor as soon as possible.”

Now, the whole community will suffer for the crimes of their fellow residents.

by Tshepiso Makgato
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