Programmes & Intiatives

Programmes & Intiatives

The Wot-if? Trust operates primarily in Diepsloot; initiating and managing skills development, Socio-Economic, Enterprise and Supplier Development programmes. The Trust is a special purpose vehicle for channelling B-BBEE Funds (click to B-BEE Page) and guarantees points on the BEE Scorecard for contributions by corporates. All initiatives are compliant, sustainable and contribute to the overall economic growth and empowerment of Diepsloot, Township Business and the global community.


Father Louis Blondel Centre

Provides an enabling environment for small businesses and CBO’s, free of charge.


Diepsloot 2030 “Together For a Brighter Future”

A vision that is aligned to the NDP 2040 Goals and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Emerging and Small Business Development

Growing the Business Sector and Economy in Diepsloot to create active and sustainable businesses.


Supplier Development

Beyond supporting emerging businesses, The Wot-If? Trust prides itself on grooming Enterprises to ultimately become successful suppliers.


The Arts, Media and ICT

Supporting these listed sectors plays an instrumental role in the growth and sustainability of the Diepsloot Economy, especially when taking the youth into account.


Media and Technology Hub

The installation of Media Information and Communication Technology facilities will serve the community of Diepsloot.


Women’s Empowerment

Access to the Economy and Economic Empowerment for Women underpins most, if not all, of The Wot-If? Trusts programmes and initiatives.


Youth Development

Empowering the youth with skills, knowledge, technology and passion to do what is essential in them becoming economically viable beyond their schooling years.


Greening, Conservation and Agri

This programme is the pinnacle point of The Wot-If? Trusts’ endeavors since doors opened in October 2013. Primarily sponsored by Ericsson the hub promise.