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The Wot-if? Trust

The Wot-if? Trust is a special purpose vehicle for channeling BEE funds offering compliant and sustainable programmes that will guarantee points for Socio-Economic Development (SED) and Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD).

Their focus is on growing township economies by concentrating on emerging and small business growth and sustainability, women’s empowerment and youth development in a number of different sectors, with a special interest in the Media and Technology Space.

67 Days of Digital Activism stems from the concept of “Making Every Day a Mandela Day”. The initiative was founded by the The Wot-If? Trust in an attempt to transform the blasé nature people undertook their 67 minutes of philanthropic action. With a little over an hour’s contribution, people were beginning to lose sight of community service’s necessity and
it’s potential for impact.

The 18th of July not only symbolises the birthdate of humanitarian, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, but it also kick starts 67 Days of Digital Activism. In between this date and the Social Good Summit which takes place on the 18th of September,
The Wot-If? Trust adds (more) technologically orientated opportunities to its existing focus areas.

During the 67 days, Corporates are given the opportunity to invest (capital, time, and/or resources) in a number of different ways to support a township community, including workshops, think tanks, design days, game jams, hackerthons and the likes. Beneficiaries and participants benefit from digital and technology interventions that offer tangible and sustainable outcomes, including improved business performance, skills and capabilities that can go into CV’s, access to
the latest programmes and apps and a view of how technology can support and grow a township economy.

This year, 67 Days of Digital Activism in Diepsloot presents the community with animation workshops, women’s empowerment business model sessions, grooming film makers and story-tellers, music workshops, design thinking and design workshops
using Autodesk software and much more…

If you are in the ICT Sector or just need something fresh and exciting to invest BEE or other CSI funds into – we should be talking.

From 67 blankets to 21 000

DIEPSLOOT – What began as a light-hearted challenge between two acquaintances, has evolved in to a world record attempt to knit 21 000 blankets to commemorate 21 years of freedom.

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