Our Mandela Day kicks starts 67 Days of Digital Activism

On Wednesday, 18 July 2018 we presented our interpretation of Nelson Mandela Day. Every year since 2014, The Wot-If? Trust has leveraged off Nelson Mandela Day to embark on 67 Days of Digital Activism! This time ‘round, our #ActionAgainstPoverty focused on business, technology and cooking for the Diepsloot community. One hundred and fifty corporates & community members lived by Nelson’s Mandela’s “Each one, teach one” philosophy.

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Our Action Against Poverty during Mandela Day 2017

Nelson Mandela Day has always been about contributing to the upliftment of human kind and the environment in which we live.

The Wot-If? Trust has expanded on the concept of 67 minutes into an event that extends well beyond Mandela Day. In 2017, the Nelson Mandela Foundation has made a call-to-action for #ActionAgainstPoverty on Mandela Day and beyond. In light of this The Wot-If? Trust will use five key streams to take action against poverty; technology, sport, food gardens, cooking and business networking. Corporates and the Deipsloot community members and community partners are invited to experience an impact-driven Nelson Mandela Day that kick starts our #67Days of #DigitalActivism. Read more

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