Covid in the Kasi – Behind the Scenes: Katlego Jonathan Pule

“You have nothing to lose until you have something to win” is a saying I live by and stand for, and which has been truly put to the test during this Covid19 pandemic.

My name is Katlego Jonathan Pule. I am the Founder of Katzshots Publisher, specializing in creating content via Photography and videos.

It’s been a struggle running my business during lockdown because there is very little demand for photography right now. My biggest market was outdoor photography, but now I don’t get clients like I used to.

Currently, I get invited to to capture the moments at places in my township where food parcels are being distributed . The Wot-if? Trust is playing a big role in my life at the moment. I am working on the ‘Covid in the Kasi’ campaign whereby I’m part of a team that creates content showing how the pandemic is affecting our community.  I didn’t know I would fall in love with being a journalist and being part of the program has opened up many doors, as our content has been helping people who are suffering in this crisis to get help from donors.

The biggest challenge I’ve faced with running my business is transport, income and equipment.  It’s very hard running a business without having transport to carry equipment, not having a laptop and using a slow computer without internet access. Clients expect me to get to the location on time, buy my own food and airtime to communicate with them and deliver their work on time using my own data.

Not having access to Father Louis Blondel Centre has been a big challenge for my business because I have no internet access, no printing machine or good equipment like a faster laptop and editing software.

Personally, the lockdown has made life difficult for me because I’m now the breadwinner in the family. My mother’s business is non-essential so she has not been able to generate an income.

The “Covid in the Kasi” has brought to my attention that most people suffer because they lack of information and that we, as journalists, telling their stories can make a huge positive impact in their lives.

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