Covid in the Kasi – Learner Transport Industry Struggles, Despite Schools Reopening

In Diepsloot and other townships, learner transport is a huge asset to the community. Moloto Mum’s Transport has been operating for 13 years,and has been badly affected by the lockdown. Even though schools have reopened, the school transport industry still faces many challenges.

“The level 3 rules are that we can only transport 7 children per trip. Already, our numbers will be low since it is only matrics and grade 7 learners who are returning to school” says Mrs Moloto. “This will be a huge financial downfall for me. I will barely be able to cover fuel costs.”

The transport association has played a very important role in the safety of children, who get picked up and dropped off at their houses. Have the authorities taken this into consideration?

“Since Most of the parents are not receiving an income, I’ve tried to be very lenient. I understand their situation, as I am in the same situation myself. Some of them are only paying half or a quarter of my fee.”

“On behalf of the Diepsloot Learner Transport Association, I appeal to the government to increase the number of learners we are allowed to transport. I will personally provide masks for the learners using my transport service and ensure the precautions are observed. We also need assistance with sanitisers.”

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